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Never wear jewelry you don’t love. Look closely for the piece that speaks to you.

Jennesis has been in business since 1998. The business itself was created in response to requests for custom jewelry. This website has been built after many requests from friends far away who want to shop. My gratitude for their support and kindness is great.

Jennesis addresses the passion of being an individual woman with great diversity. One of a kind pieces reflect each unique spirit. All the pieces here have been created in response to the materials themselves; the light and texture, color and tone combine in stones, pearls, silver and crystal. Design is always evolving.

Jennesis uses semiprecious gems and fresh water pearls in a variety of cuts and styles. All are individually selected for color, light, depth, cut and character. Natural textures of silver, stone, pearl, and crystal become wearable art.

Many countries produce silver of comparable quality to sterling, but not all countries require stamping. Artisans in Bali, Thailand and India produce most Jennesis silver. Toggles and clasps come from all of these sources in addition to sterling. All earring findings are sterling silver. Crystal is either Czech or Swarovski.

I believe in beauty for everyone regardless of size. If my sizes seem odd to you, you might be lucky enough to be a standard size. If you are unsure of your size, please measure yourself. You may be surprised.