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Terms of Sale:
All sales are final. Please be sure of your sizing before you buy. Toggles, especially large toggles, may take extra room to close, so bracelets are sized slightly over full and half sizes occasionally to accommodate this (usually a quarter of an inch). A slightly larger size might also be provided to allow drape on a bracelet. The belts are meant to fall loosely. To ensure a long belt life, size yourself so your belt has room to drape and does not fall too far in back of you so that it won’t take stress against that area when you sit down. Goblet Bracelets may vary from photographs due to availability of glass beads and accents.

Cleaning and care:
This silver can be cleaned. Please take care of delicate materials and avoid vigorous rubbing and use a very soft cloth or cotton swab. Rinse your jewelry with water after using cleaner and pat or allow the jewelry to air dry. Natural oxidation is considered appealing on some pieces.

Take care of your jewelry by not exposing it to perfumes, hairspray or other substances. Travel with your jewelry in soft protected cases even if it is only a day trip. Pearls can scratch and lose their luster when not treated kindly. Stones can break when dropped or otherwise banged against surfaces. Do not pull, tug, or hang things on your jewelry.

All the jewelry sold here is intended for adults. Small parts may be choking hazards so please do not put jewelry on or leave it near small children or pets who might inadvertently put pieces in their mouths, ears, etc. Metal objects may burn your skin if you are in close proximity to high temperatures, including sunlight and fire. Be cautious of your skin in these instances.